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The Piet-se-Pad Eco-Mountain Urban Conservation Development comprises 65 full title residential erven on a 13 ha site. It is located in the picturesque village of Montagu in the Western Cape Klein Karoo. More particularly, the estate is located in the historical suburb of Montagu West (Oudam), between the smallholdings and cottages along Berg Street and the proclaimed Montagu Mountain Reserve.

Given its unique location, Piet-se-Pad is to be developed on the basis of sound environmental principles and architectural guidelines, and a Design Manual has been prepared for prospective buyers:

By investing in Piet-se-Pad, property owners make a lifestyle choice. This should include an appreciation for the natural environment, an appreciation for a common architectural/landscaping vision and an appreciation for cooperation when working with the Langeberg Municipality and the Montagu Aesthetics Committee during the design and construction period.

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Download Design Manual (.pdf 314kb).

The vision for Piet-se-Pad is to create a secure and peaceful mountain village, situated in a high quality, naturally landscaped mountain reserve environment.

The design manual allows for a fairly broad range of personal choice in the external appearance of the houses, yet ensures that the overall character of the development is identifiable by the use of certain unifying external elements such as the colour and texture of wall finishes, roofing, a standardised form of boundary and site walling, and the preservation of the natural mountain flora and fauna.

In order to achieve the overall aims and objectives of the development, as well as to secure long-term value, Piet-se-Pad has been declared an "Urban Conservation Area" in terms of the Montagu Zoning Scheme Regulations.

Piet-se-Pad, sited on the foothills of Cogmanskloof in Montagu West, provides a unique location, where the rising slopes offer vistas to the valley and the town of Montagu below, with the Mountain Reserve ridges above. The surrounding area is a natural breeding ground for a rich variety of animals including tortoises, and offers an abundance of unique indigenous vegetation.

Development of Piet-se-Pad is to be undertaken in a holistic manner, whereby land-use, architecture and landscaping work closely together to result in a development that is sympathetic to the natural environment and in keeping with the existing built form.

To this end, dwellings should be contextually sympathetic to the topography and natural hues of the environment. The resulting architecture is based on "Karoo Vernacular" type buildings of modest scale that "grow" out of the site. It is expected that architectural concepts be developed with sympathy to the environment and that the introduction of "foreign" styles" such as Tuscan/Georgian/Victorian etc. not be allowed.

Given the unique natural setting and the high level of visibility of Piet-se-Pad relative to the balance of the village, the following aims and guidelines relating to land-use and environmental conservation are applicable:

Piet-se-Pad concept house

Concept House

A house built to the design specifications on Piet-se-Pad.

Piet-se-Pad from the air

Piet-se-Pad from the air

Aerial photo showing the layout of the development at the edge of Montagu West, on the boundary of the Montagu Mountain Reserve.

Piet-se-Pad concept house

Concept House

A magnificent mountain backdrop to view from your stoep.


The map shows the placement of the erven within the Piet-se-Pad residential development.

All erven have full municipal services, and Telkom ADSL availability.

The development is divided into four phases. All plots have been sold.

PSP Map of Erven as at September 2022


Beetles on daisy

Piet se Pad is situated on shallow, sandy soils due to the underlying sandstone, granite and quartz rocks that are typical of the fynbos veld type. The soils are nutrionally poor because of leaching due to the topography. The pH is usually acidic, i.e. less than 5. The development is bounded by the Montagu Mountain Reserve, which is a conservation refuge for this very fragile and geographically restricted Arid Fynbos. For these reasons, gardens should be planted with the plants from this veld type. The best way to achieve this is to collect plants from your erf prior to construction, and store them until the building work is completed. Then plant them back in your garden. If you need any help or advice with this, please contact the Klein Karoo Crew.

The two plant lists detail other indigenous plants recommended for the gardens on Piet se Pad. They include good shade trees, water-wise, colourful flowers and plants that attract birds and insects to your garden. Download Tree List (.pdf) or Plant List (Afrikaans) (.doc).

The majority of the tree species are adapted to flowering and surviving in this dry climate. There are many more plants that are suitable, but only the most prominent species are detailed in the lists.

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